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Two sides of the same coin
paolo ceccacci19 September 2017
Two cousins share the same blood or at least some of it. During the childhood one (Ethan Embry) teased the other (Brad Renfro, former child actor), beating him up just for fun. What could happen in a troubled mind of a man bullied throughout his infancy? He could try to put everything over his shoulder, by drawing old fashioned stretch. Maybe if cartoons publishers would have believed in his talent, things could have changed for the best. But there's something he must do, something to hurt and setting up his despised kin; why not by exploiting his weak spot?

Barek pretended to be attracted by the perpetrator in order to collect evidences against him. She's still charming even if years goes by and the beauty showed in "Jungle fever" fades away.
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Brad Renfro really makes the difference
bertoele1 August 2009
Brad Renfro really makes the difference. He is one of the greatest actors I know. I love to see him in this episode. He is sympathetic a guy you want to love and at the same time dangerous. He brings a world into the story you have to dream of as writer of an episode of this series. In this one he is a serial killer or one in progress. Together with his brother they end up in a sick kind of friendship between brothers. Brad Renfro seems the nicest of the two, But is he? an episode that you must see!I did read that Brad no longer among us. That is a great loss. I can recommend everybody to watch his films. The cure is a masterpiece I think. And you will find more when you're looking up his name. I saw he made music too. Great talent. I will miss him a lot.
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The whole world is a crime scene
bkoganbing15 November 2016
A body literally drops from the sky on a pair of surfers and CI gets called in. Jamey Sheridan doesn't want to believe it when Chris Noth finds another similar case 4 years previous. Too little to call it a pattern.

But Noth who had a childhood interest in aviation that was stimulated by his father does find more. What it turns out was that a serial killer of prostitutes has found a new and unique way of disposing of the bodies of his victims. It stimulates him saying that essentially the whole world is a crime scene.

Interest settles on Brad Renfro in one of his last performances. To say he has issues is putting it mildly. But his particular kick and the fact he has some help is the heart of the mystery to be solved.

A nice turn here by Renfro and also in a small bit one of my favorite character players Louis Vanaria.
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