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Another Very Unusual Story
ccthemovieman-11 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Man, some of these stories are far out. In fact, most of them are; it's one of the trademarks of this "cerebral show." No, you have to really pay attention to understand what's going on in "Criminal Intent," and even then it's tough to digest it all, especially in the first half of each story.

This very unusual story involves someone who looks at giving away his body parts - as a live donor - as a duty in life; that if you don't, you are tantamount to a murderer. "Detective Alex Eames" asks this "good child" if he means "if I don't donate a some organ of my body at this point, I am a murderer." Yeah, basically, he replies.....you answer it.

Well, if you've followed this show you know you see a lot of crazy people who have very, very twisted ideas of what is right and wrong. This guy, who only donates his organs to people who are doing good in the world (helping their fellow mankind in a big way), sounds noble but - to say the least - he takes it to extremes.

Without giving anything else away, that's the story here as we trace two murders to who is responsible and why. It's another weird one!
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One worth more than the others
paolo ceccacci14 September 2017
Another villain who likes to play God. He's ready to sacrifice one life to let another person fulfilling special commitments. A doctor (James Saba) performs surgeries involving organ donation and a trust fund middle aged man (Gregg Edelman) chooses the right person just regarding on the patient's life purpose (non profit issue such as stop-smoking program in Harlem and hardened cardboard school projects in war zone); he's even eager to donate his own organs. However the patients didn't have to change their purpose, otherwise their lives would be at stake.

Next time I suggest the perpetrator cover his neck with a scarf: if you had something to hide, you wouldn't overlook anything!
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Self sacrifice in the extreme
bkoganbing23 July 2017
One of the more off the wall stories that Criminal Intent or for that matter any of the Law And Order shows ever had was this one where a woman who didn't seem like she had any enemies in the world is killed.

On the table at the Medical Examiner's Office Leslie Hendrix discovers that the victim had a transplanted kidney. Goren and Eames discover that at one time she was going to be involved with a charitable non- profit but now opted for a business that will allow her to be a stay at home mom.

This episode is the Faust legend and the whole Christian story about sacrifice with an alarming twist. The perpetrator is a man who has given away bits of himself in transplants and it's like a contract with old Scratch, he owns your life and what you do with it.

It takes all of Vincent D'Onofrio's twists in his eclectic mind to bring down a man who thinks he's sacrificing himself for humanity and hasn't done anything wrong.
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