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One of the more interesting Season One episodes
olihist11 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"The Troubles" examines the murder of a Lebanese Drug smuggler who was being transported to a courthouse under Federal custody. What begins as a homicide investigation (and mini-turf war between the NYPD and the FBI) evolves into a complex courtroom trial involving the Sinn Féin and IRA, U.S.-British relations, and the legal issues surrounding international terrorism. The final minutes of the trial feature a particularly memorable performance by Michael Moriarty as Executive DA Stone (one of his most interesting from Season One).

There are certainly characterizations of the Irish and Ireland on this episode, as "GusF" very specifically lays out in his review (the Lebanese and Cubans are not portrayed very positively on this show either). And as most Americans after September 11 already know, inter- agency police cooperation does not always exist in the USA as it is eventually portrayed in this episode. But "Law and Order" generally succeeds in this episode in what the show does best: providing a riveting combination of police and courtroom drama.

Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes from Season One (along with "Subterranean Homeboy Blues").
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An Irishman, an Arab, and a Cuban walk into a prison van.......................
bkoganbing1 November 2017
George Dzundza and Chris Noth literally have a homicide delivered right to them. Three prisoners are arriving for court proceedings from the Federal lockup and when it arrives the door is opened and one of them is dead. It's the Arab prisoner.

This really is a closed circle of suspects, but later on when Paul Felix-Montez is found hanging back in his cell that does leave Anthony Heald although Chris Noth filled with stories of the Irish Rebellion refuses to believe it.

In fact both Logan and Greevey have a nice jurisdictional war going with the Feds over this case. Heald is a popular guy and says he's not IRA but most definitely a member Sinn Fein the political as opposed to the military arm of the United Ireland movement.

It's an interesting trial for Michael Moriarty. Let's say not all Irish people are enamored of Heald and his cause.
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