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great episode
kathy-73-26531728 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One of their best mafia episodes and Skoda is at his best. There are enough turns early in the episode to keep you guessing on who did it. It started out as just a typical murder but progressed into a mafia murder with plenty of twists. The mafia boss tries to appear incompetent and seemingly fooled plenty of experts but the psychiatrist trips him up and cracked me up. The episode shows nice character development for the guest stars and a rather rare shot of humor - even if from a regular guest star. When it looks like the case is all wrapped up, it unravels and the legal team brings it back together. It looks like there are plenty of loose ends. But all are nicely wrapped back up with the defense tripping themselves up by trying to be too smart.
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Died with his boots on
bkoganbing30 May 2015
A Mafia hit-man who is supposed to be in Montana in the witness protection program is found shot to death in Central Park. Obviously he grew up on westerns because he requests to die with his Montana cowboy boots on.

Turns out that this guy has shaken his FBI handlers and that's appropriate since his street name was 'Nicky Shakes' and he's in town to discuss a book deal. But a whole lot of people are keeping tabs on him even if the FBI has fallen down on the job. It's why he winds up dead.

The guy who has the most to gain with the deceased's demise is Frank Savino who is a Mafia Don putting on a crazy act. See how Dr. Skoda gets under his skin.

Who actually does the deed is a bit of a surprise, but the motive is completely understandable.

A great Law And Order story.
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