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  • Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate a schoolyard shooting where a popular teacher, Amanda Kovac, was shot. She had recently been pivotal in getting three boys suspended for having sex in the school. One of the boys, Randy, says someone shot at them and they returned fire. They trace the shooter to another student, Sally Maxwell, but the boys say they have no idea who Sally is or why she would shoot at them. Sally claims the boys raped her older sister Valerie, who is mentally disabled with an IQ of 65, and decided to take matters into her own hands after school officials did nothing about it. The challenge for the prosecutors is to demonstrate that the boys knew of Valerie's disability before they had sex with her. Meanwhile, Ray Curtis has asked Lt. Van Buren for a transfer and Briscoe is still having deal with his own daughter Cathy's arrest.

  • While Jack prosecutes three teenage boys for raping an intellectually disabled girl in a high school, Lennie's daughter testifies in a drug trial.


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  • This episode was a memorable one as with the previous one many plots were being laid for how season 8 could end and what could happen in season 9, such as Ray putting in for transfer to a desk, Jamie getting engaged, Anita's discrimination case being dismissed, Adam's re-election chances hanging by a thread and most memorable of all, Lenny's daughter getting killed by the drug dealer she just testified against.

    However the true criminal in this episode was the P.O.S. judge who uses his contemptuous predilection of sex and women as an apathetic punchline to what is CLEARLY a crime. The rape of a mentally challenged young girl who unfortunately was the ONLY ONE who believed it was not rape but consensual sex.

    This is the danger of having judges sitting too long on the bench, this obstinate generational thinking is not only anti-pragmatic but it augments the conjecture of sex in society today, particularly in reference to teenagers. There was a true indifference with a hint of perversion to this judge through the entire trial, he waves his royal gavel and was not even challenged.

    This judge deserved to lying right next to Lenny's daughter in the last scene and only one of them should R.I.P.

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