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They would do anything, 'cause we were gods. They worshipped us.
paolo ceccacci2 December 2017
At a downtown club an old-fashioned rock-band was staging a concert. Suddenly an arson took place and twenty-three people were burnt to death as a result. What was clear since the beginning is that the fire started from the stage due to flamethrowers lighted up in order to improve the show quality. Detective soon cut the owner loose because in the agreement he wrote not to use the fire in his place. Forensic realized that one out of four throwers had twice the powder amount, that cause the flame to burn the ceiling. The band leader, a well- known rock-star now in disgrace, wanted to amaze the audience against crew members' advice. Being a public figures, the trial was open to the media against McCoy's will, but by watching the camera footage he understood a witness reaction on the stand that helped him in the prosecution: a groupie changed the whole story at trial, trying to get the rock-star acquitted; what's really happened between her and the defendant?

An episode not so good, the classic rock-star (John Doe - it's not a joke that's his real name) worshipped by fans and addicted to sex and drugs. Anyway don't turn off the TV, there's a twist ending that saved the whole episode.
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