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Old and tired
bkoganbing2 January 2018
An old time outlaw Roy Barcroft is accused of gunning down a sheriff's deputy in the back. But he says he's innocent and that just was something that goes against his grain. He has some history with the Sherman family and it's Slim Sherman he hopes will pull him from this jackpot.

This episode belongs to Barcroft and he's an old and tired man. He's just come back to the Laramie area to just settle down and keeps his men around with talk of plans for a big score. They're all getting itchy especially George Wallace who is out scratching the itch that Barcroft's moll Jan Shepard is developing.

It's not hard to figure out why Barcroft is lying about the big score. He's tired but he doesn't want to die alone. No time to make new friends among the straight citizens. So he keeps his gang in line with promises.

Barcroft did about a gazillion westerns for Republic always as a villain. One of the few good guy roles I remember him for was Mr. Logan owner of the Triple R ranch in Walt Disney's Spin And Marty series. But he's the quintessential bad guy.

But even bad guys get old and tired and who wants to hang with them but other bad guys.
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