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Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Anybody know the whereabouts of our Mr. Morales?

Gwen Taylor: He had a pro bono arraignment this morning.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Then let's begin. First, People vs. Emory Lewis and Gary Stubbs. I should hope those animals who beat you will finally get convicted.

Stuart Markowitz: Unfortunately, the eyewitness backed out, she's afraid of reprisals from neighborhood kids if she testify.

Ann Kelsey: That shouldn't affect our case. Stuart was really convincing at the prelim health do even better at trial tomorrow.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next. Marciante vs. Bernheim Memorial Hospital.

Jonathan Rollins: That's mine. Anthony Marciante's girlfriend is brain dead after the automobile accident. She's also 18 weeks pregnant.

Gwen Taylor: And being used as an incubator to bring the baby to a term, I caught those stories in the news, that's grotesque.

Jonathan Rollins: We're seeking a court order to keep her body functioning long enough to deliver the baby. However, the girlfriend's mother wants to pull the plug and bury your daughter.

Arnie Becker: Well, I agree, the woman's dead, for God's sake.

Jonathan Rollins: Arnie, we're talking about a potential human life. Mr. Marciante wants to be a father.

Gwen Taylor: You should have thought about that before driving himself and his girlfriend off the road drunk.

Ann Kelsey: He killed her and now he wants to...

Jonathan Rollins: It was an accident.

Stuart Markowitz: He's still has rights.

Arnie Becker: So's the girl's mother.

Melina Paros: What about the baby?

Leland McKenzie: All right, folks, we're all in the same team.

[But Daniel Morales has arrived late in the meeting]

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Mr. Morales? Honor that you can join us? How's the arraignment?

Daniel Morales: Um, People vs. Alejandro Cruz, he's charged with the shooting a news vender who refuse to pay protection money.

Leland McKenzie: Any extenuating circumstances, Daniel?

Daniel Morales: No, Leland, not really, I'm trying to have Cruz tried in the Juvenile, but right now that's looking doubtful.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, if there's no other business. We're adjourned.

[Douglas closed his gold hunter case from the pocket watch that the time is up]

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Daniel Morales: Melina, I need your advise.

Melina Paros: What is it?

[Daniel sighs]

Daniel Morales: Well, we can't talk here and actually I should speak first with my client.

Melina Paros: Cruz?

Daniel Morales: Yeah, I might be in trouble on those one. I'll catch you later.

Melina Paros: All right.

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Roxanne Melman: [Roxanne holding a baby Lucy, opened the door and see they have a guest at the McKenzie, Brackman Law Firm in Los Angeles. Tommy's alcoholic father Tommy Mullaney, Sr. sitting while smoking along with his luggage] Mr. Mullaney?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yeah. I'm, uh, looking for my son Tommy.

Roxanne Melman: Nice to meet you. I'm Roxanne.

[Tommy Sr. shakes hands to meet Roxanne]

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yeah.

Roxanne Melman: Roxanne Melman. Well, when your son and I used to work together when he was here.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: What are you fired?

Roxanne Melman: No, no. Tommy works at the District Attorney's office now.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, true justice in the American way, huh? I guess I'm amazed during launched. I haven't been in any same room with him ever since derringer Blondie. If I had known the airlines, didn't let you smoke anymore, I don't think I would have make the trip.

Roxanne Melman: Well, I'll be glad to take you over Tommy's office.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Don't bother. I'll go down and get a cab.

[Tommy Sr. lighting another cigarette]

Roxanne Melman: Well, L.A.'s not like Boston. There you have call for a ride.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Now, how do you know? I've come from Boston.

Roxanne Melman: Tommy talks about you.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yes. Well. There's a good kid.

[Baby Lucy scared and crying]

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Like this one. Who is it?

Roxanne Melman: I'm a friend.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, what's the matter?

[Lucy don't like Tommy Sr]

Roxanne Melman: I'll just go find somebody to watch Lucy, and, uh, we'll go.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Thanks.

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A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: [A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney looking at the window at the District Attorney's office, he turned that it's his long time alcoholic father Tommy Sr. escorted by Roxanne] Pop, longtime.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: It's February in New England, I was freezing my camp.

[Tommy Jr. greeting his father Tommy Sr. with shaking hands]

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Welcome to California. Um, you met Roxie?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, she as blonde is blonde. That's too bad, you never knew a good thing when you had it. Well, you got a smoke?

[Tommy Jr. changed his mind]

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Actually, I quit.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Quit?

[Tommy Sr. chuckling]

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Why you let that nice office for this hellhole! Working with lowlife! Coming from the airport, I was surprised to see about as many niggers in spics. Camping in the street as we have in Boston.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Pop!

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Neighbor grew so sour. I couldn't let his mother go for a walk alone!

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Hey, don't start about mom, huh?

Roxanne Melman: Tommy. Tommy, I'm sure your father didn't mean anything...

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Hey, you have no idea about this guy. Even he doesn't know what he means.

Roxanne Melman: Tommy.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: No. This is my son's way. I'm making his dad feel welcome. You've made your point. I am not staying with you. I'm gonna rent a room and a hotel.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: No, I never said that you couldn't stay with me.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Not in so many words.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Look, it's just a mother a lot of pressure lately here with this...

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: It doesn't matter, I raised you better!

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: As a matter a fact, you didn't!

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Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I'll fly home tomorrow. Not a problem.

Roxanne Melman: [Begging] Mr. Mullaney. Mr. Mullaney, please, don't go.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Roxie!

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: You're real sweet, Maurane.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Her name is Roxanne!

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I'm fooling.

[Tommy Sr. take his belongings and leave. Tommy Jr. felt mad]

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A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Pop.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Where'd you find me?

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I wasn't too tough, they let me feel looking for a drink. Roxie says your curiosity about this place was peat.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Not the only thing peat, the bad gal puts a bottle in my face once more, I screw...

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Come on, let's get out of here, huh?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Where are we going? Disneyland?

Waitress: [Placing an order] Bring you something else?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Why not. A pair of those, uh, another Wild Turkey.

Waitress: Anything for you?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Can I have the same?

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Nothing, thanks.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: You're not gonna join me?

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: No, I quit.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yeah, but, it takes you seriously. So you could smoking, you could drinking. What's next for you, the seminary?

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Listen, if you're not leaving, I'll see you back in my office.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I came to California to spend some quality time together.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: It's almost 30 years? And suddenly you're taking any interest?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I was always there for you, and don't forget it.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Yeah, pop, whatever you say, huh?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Are you calling me a liar?

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Ah. Here we go.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Answer me!

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: You answer me!

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A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Years go by, I'm pitching no ones catching. Now all of a sudden you show up pretend that we're related? What's this all about, pop, huh?

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Nothing.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I want to know.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Never mind.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: No, you tell me.

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I'm dying.

[Tommy find out why is Tommy Sr. going to die]

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Sit down. You're blocking the view.

[Tommy Jr. takes a seat and watching his alcoholic father at the nightclub]

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