D.A. Bruce Rogoff: I'm putting two uniforms on you. They'll walk you two in from your car and they'll park outside your place at night.

Michael Kuzak: That's not enough.

Grace Van Owen: The man's in custody, Michael.

Michael Kuzak: Well his gang friends aren't. You going to have to cut off his visitors.

D.A. Bruce Rogoff: We're on top of it, Counsel. Grace, let me ask you something. You got a gun?

Grace Van Owen: No.

D.A. Bruce Rogoff: Do yourself a favor, I'll take care of the permit.

Grace Van Owen: And that's your answer? Arming the victims?

D.A. Bruce Rogoff: Maybe it's not the answer, but it won't hurt.

Grace Van Owen: Well it send the hell of a message, doesn't it, Bruce? The society of law and order, but just in case pack a pistol.

D.A. Bruce Rogoff: There could be a nut out there looking to blow your head off and you're worried about what message you sent?

Grace Van Owen: All I know is that I'm supposed to, supposed to represent the criminal justice system. And the day that I validate the notion that the only way to affect orders for district attorney to strap sidearms to this. That is the day I quit!

D.A. Bruce Rogoff: I'm not talking department policy here, I'm talking survival!

Grace Van Owen: I have never even fired a gun. And I'm not about to start carrying one. Not now. Not ever!

[Grace and Michael walk out]

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