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Jenny tells Marina that she is going to marry Tim
Jessica Carvalho7 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode from the L World, Alice continues to date Gabby, the woman that all of her friends don't like and that treats Alice bad. In the beginning, Alice doesn't believe that Gabby still is a selfish woman, but when Shane tells her that Gabby is also dating Nadia, Alice finally put an end in her relationship with Gabby and tells her ( Gabby) everything that she (Alice) thinks about her.

Jenny tells Marina that she is going to marry Tim; she pretends to be happy, but in fact she is sad with this decision.

Dana finally decides to ask Lara to have dinner with her, and she asks her friends to help her in what kind of clothes she should wear on the occasion.

Shane decides to end Lacey's crazy attitudes of publishing banners and posters saying bad things about her. Shane talks with Lacey, explaining that she is not a fan of relationships and they stay in good terms.

Bette engages in a battle of wills with the board of directors whom oppose a new set of artwork called 'Provocations' at the California Art Center, and she takes a desperate step by traveling to Santa Barbara to see Peggy Peabody, an eccentric and notorious art collector, to ask for help in funding for setting up the event.
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