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A Night To Remember - Masterfully done LIVE TV
mister_titanic12 November 2012
A masterfully done LIVE TV production of the epic book by Walter Lord which chronicles the sinking of RMS Titanic. This production really shines in the genre of LIVE TV production. The changes of set, scenery and venue outshine many blocked and filmed pieces. I acquired a VHS copy obviously transferred from film or other media about 10 years ago. For a 60-minute only production, it stands well against the feature film of the same title done 2 years later in 1958. Just wonderful entertainment if you can find a copy. Notably, even with the limited time available, the production included the drama-within-a-drama of the Californian, which lay off only 9 to 12 miles away, yet failed to respond to the distress rockets...or even wake their own wireless operator to inquire. (Amazingly, even with a nearly three-hour epic film, James Cameron in 1997 failed to even include note of a visible potential rescuer on the horizon.)
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