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The acting is better than the plot.
MartinHafer13 October 2015
"Knight's Gambit" stars Eleanor Parker and Chester Morris and this is the best thing going for the show. The pair (particularly Parker) did a really nice job--but I also thing they're better than the script...which was only fair at best.

A government official (Morris) is hanging out on vacation in Majorca--and making a total fool of himself due to his very heavy drinking. At the time, Mr. Knight is making a play for the man's secretary (Parker). What the secretary does not know is that Knight is working undercover and he's actually trying to use her to get the goods on her boss. What are 'the goods'--information that would prove he's been taking bribes from organized crime.

This plot just didn't go much of anywhere for me and felt flat and unexciting. It did have its moments but nothing more.
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Wealthy amateur secret agent goes where CIA fears to tread.
xkus417 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My local oldies TV station ran this yesterday. The opening titles called it "Crisis". I'd never heard of it. Apparently it may have been a pilot for a Bond/UNCLE/THE-CAT copycat show that was never picked up by the networks.

Smith plays Knight, who was a CIA agent until he inherited a pile and went amateur. On the sunny Mediterranean island of Majorca he tracks some deported wealthy bad guys and romances Parker hoping to pry clues out of her about her perjured Senate testimony.

Murray Matheson plays the government contact, and for some reason wears eye-patches that match whatever shirt he's wearing in the scene.

Watch for stuff that is lame to us now, but was cutting edge in '63, like photograph altering, a hidden microphone wireless transmitter, wireless receiver with mini tape recorder in the car.

Our hero is doing pretty good until one of his clever traps gets rumbled due to an unforeseen underworld hit in New York.

Pretty good high speed car chase at the end. He's driving an Aston Martin DB2/4 convertible that was 5 to 10 years old at the time of shooting. The baddies in the '63 Chrysler Imperial apparently had time to change cars after they crash through the rail, because the car that tumbles down the cliff is a '59 DeSoto; same color, I guess that's close enough for TV.
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