"Kojak" Dead on His Feet (TV Episode 1974) Poster

(TV Series)


Harry Guardino: Det. Benny Fiore


  • Dr. Grimaldi : Do you want it straight?

    Detective Benny Furore : I don't want it at all. I'd give anything for a ten-foot pole I didn't have to touch it with. It's the big casino, isn't it?

    Dr. Grimaldi : Advanced stomach cancer. Malignant and inoperable.

  • Kojak : Hey, Benny, if it wasn't for you, Eddie Ryan would've had as much razzle-dazzle as a wet firecracker.

    [stands up] 

    Detective Benny Furore : Is that what you think? Is that what you think Eddy Ryan was like? A grandstander? Well let me tell you something: Eddie Ryan had more guts than anyone on this island. What do you think got him killed?

    Kojak : Dumb got him killed. Dead is not guts. Dead is dumb.

  • Eddie Ryan : Flora was asking for you. She wants to know how come she hasn't seen you anymore in the deli.

    Detective Benny Furore : Oh yeah? Well next time you see her tell her I'm on bivouac with a gorilla.

  • Detective Benny Furore : Everything I eat tastes like old towel rolls, you know? These last couple of weeks my stomach feels like something crawled in it and died.

  • Kojak : [Benny shows up to work wearing outlandish clothes]  What's the gag?

    Detective Benny Furore : What do you mean, what's the gag? You told me you wanted me to change my image.

    Kojak : Oh yeah, I forgot about that. So if I asked you to lose some weight, what would you do, cut off your left arm? You're three hours late and you show up looking like Zsa Zsa Gabor's Christmas tree!

  • Ellen Ryan : I was going through his closet, looking for something to bury him in.

    [pours Benny a drink] 

    Ellen Ryan : You know, he didn't have anything that you could really call a suit, heh. I can't lay him out in, eh, rhinestones and recycled blue jeans, can I?

    [hands the drink to Benny] 

    Ellen Ryan : I mean he'd look like David Bowie.

    Detective Benny Furore : Why not? I mean, Eddie would dig that. Can you see the commissioner's face?

    [starts to laugh but his laughter soon turns to tears] 

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