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A shining, empowering moment in the history of 90's TV
thegraintruck30 July 2012
This seminal episode (pun partially intended) encapsulates everything that makes this show great. Right out of the gate, King of the Hill struck an almost perfect balance of warmth and positivity against an attitude of total misanthropy. It is simultaneously a lament at how the human race has crippled itself, but it is fully aware that were it not for that, the show itself wouldn't exist. It presents a world that is almost without any redeeming value but gives it to us in bright, inviting colors with characters that are as lovable as they are repulsive. The embracing of these contradictions are the core of King of the Hill, and are what make it one of the greatest satirical shows of all time.
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"all I'm saying is a woman that knows is the toughest customer"
movieman_kev19 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
after Dale makes a threatening call to the teacher of the new sex-ed class at Bobby Hill's school, the school administration goes to substitute teacher, Peggy to teach it. But Peggy has to get over her embarrassment at speaking publicly about the subject of anything related to sexuality before she can be any help to them. Of course, Hank isn't happy about any of this one iota. I have never particularly cared for the Peggy Hill-centric episodes of this show, but these early ones before the character got completely arrogant and insufferable are still pretty good. Not as much as any other episode where Peggy is on the back burner mind you, but still enjoyable.

The DVD box set of the first season has 4 extended scenes for this episode

My Grade: B-
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"I'm a little worried about being a slut"
RainDogJr1 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
That's a line of Bobby actually, totally hilarious certainly, this second show of King of the Hill is clever, very clever and it has as main subject the sexual education (and for those interested in awards, it was nominated for the Emmy but lost to the great Simpsons show Homer's Phobia). And all begins with Bobby coming home with the permission slip for a sex ed class at this school… reactions of Bobby's parents? Hank breaks the permission slip immediately, he and Peggy agreed that to teach a boy about sexual education is a job of the parents, but then that's really a problem. I love that part with both Hank and Peggy looking at each other but I love more Peggy's reaction after Bobby says to her "you mean a penis?" Is great, quite soon Hank and Peggy will be trying to put together the pieces of the permission slip! However thanks to a harmless nut case (!) the sex ed teacher quit, a new problem: the new teacher is the one who was named the Substitute Teacher of the Year 1996, Peggy is a substitute teacher and she was THE substitute teacher of 1996! Is terrific, is Peggy really fighting against the shame, fighting to change, dealing with the other women who grew like her knowing nothing but turned out just fine (!), dealing with a very upset Hank who is just very uncomfortable with the whole situation, dealing with the harmless nut case who threats to end with her life if she teaches the sex ed course, and all for what? Well for that in the end only one student can attend the sex ed class, only the parents of one student signed the permission slip! "I'm a little worried about being a slut", Bobby will learn…
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