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Vic Morrow guest stars
gordonl5611 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
JOHNNY RINGO "Kid with a Gun" 1959

JOHNNY RINGO was a western series that ran for 38 episodes during 1959-60. The series starred Don Durant as the title character with Karen Sharpe, Mark Goddard and Terence De Marney as series regulars. The series follows Durant, (Ringo) a former gunfighter who decides to go straight. He becomes the Sheriff in the small town of Velardi in the Arizona Territory. The series was one of several (Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive, Shotgun Slade) with a "gimmick gun". Durant carries a special LeMat revolver equipped with a shotgun barrel under the six gun barrel. This episode is the 12th episode of the series.

This one starts with a teen aged girl riding into town looking for a gun. The girl, Liza Menzies claims that someone had just killed her father on the road to town. Menzies explains to Sheriff Durant and Deputy Goddard that her father had bought an interest in a local silver mine. The man working the claim had chased them off.

Durant has the girl show him where the killing took place. At the site there is no body, blood or anything that would suggest any sort of violence. Durant and Goddard then pay a visit to the only mine in the area. The mine is ran by Robert Simon and his son, Vic Morrow. Simon tells the Lawmen he knows nothing about any rough stuff. He never laid eyes on the girl or her father.

Needless to say this turns out to be a load of drivel. Simon had indeed killed Menzies' father. He had no intention of sharing the proceeds of the mine. He sneaks into town and kidnaps the girl, Menzies. He of course intends to silence her as well. The son, Morrow wants nothing to do with this and there is a violent falling out. Durant now shows and Simon is quickly laid out for a resting place under dirt.

An interesting episode that was directed by actor turned helmsman, Paul Henreid. Henreid is best recalled from his bit in the wartime classic, "Casablanca" with Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
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