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very insightfully written show
hoosierrobert5 August 2006
This episode sets the stage for a very insightfully written show with a stellar cast. Plenty of laughs, but enough intelligence to explain why the show never fit into the normal "turn off your IQ" sitcoms of broadcast TV of the era. Laroquette brings an intriguing subtlety and vulnerability to the show's lead character. The JLS teases you with stereotypes and then busts them to surprising delight. Chill Mitchell plays the show's odd moral center with a reverse racist twist. Gigi Rice, underplayed in the pilot, is a gem with an understated performance. Would have loved to see what would happen to the show's development if hadn't made deliberately desperate cast changes and lightened writing tone to generate improved ratings. Though mildly similar in wit to "Seinfeld", this show was well before it's time.
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