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A look into Joey's past
studioAT16 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A sex tape from Joey's past comes back to bite him, and leads to a public apology on Ellen in this episode.

I disagree with the previous review of this episode, I thought it was a good one.

One of the aims of this spin-off was to flesh out the character of Joey, and allow viewers to learn a bit more about his past, and this episode does that. The sight of a younger Joey was pretty funny too.

I like the character of Zach, I think he brings something different to the show, and although it significantly cuts down the Joey/Michael interaction (Michael again is largely side-lined here) the dynamic between him and Joey is fun.

It's nice again to see Gina/Bobbie/Alex in a story together, and although the attempt to humanise Bobbie a little falls flat, there are some nice moments in the story overall.

Another good episode of the show in my opinion.
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Joey and the Sex Tape (#2.8)
ComedyFan201016 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bobbie gets informed by an ex of Joey, Celeste, that she has a sex tape of Joey. First he is happy that he may get a scandal but when he finds out who the ex is he doesn't want it to come out since on that tape he tells her that he will marry her before sex and then runs away.. He then confesses it on Ellen to apologize and everyone laughs at it, but he convinces Celeste that he cared about her.

A bit f a weak episode when it comes to the main story. It is pretty boring. The only good part in it is to see Ellen who is pretty funny. And I know I have never said a word about Zach in my reviews, but isn't he like the most useless character on the show? Why did they get him?? Bobbie seems out of character when not simply straight out telling Gina that she doesn't want her at the birthday party.
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