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A Classic
jhboswell10 December 2006
Several of the conventions of the old Jack Benny radio show were incorporated into his television program, for obvious and welcome reasons; but none were transformed better than this one. It is simply hilarious. Obviously a favorite premise of the entire production team, done year after year on the radio, many of Benny's regular character actors appear here doing wonderful turns in the famous Christmas shopping episode. It will not seem as funny to only report it, but Jack goes in to a department store and picks something out for Don Wilson, buying it from Mel Blanc; and going back over and over to have him unwrap it, add a note, sign the note, and finally exchange it. Very well done, expertly managed, many old viewers would vote it the best episode of the entire series--thank goodness it's still available today.
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My Favorite Episode, but...
preacha9319 February 2007
Jack Benny's Christmas shopping episodes, where he repeatedly harasses Mel Blanc, have been my favorites ever since I first heard them. The television episode that is easily available had me laughing hysterically the first time I saw it, and I still laugh at it to this day when I watch it. This, however, is NOT it.

First of all, unless I'm greatly mistaken, there was not a Christmas shopping episode done on December 12, 1954. I say this with confidence because I have the script from that date, and it is the first television version of Jack going grocery shopping, not Christmas shopping. Mel Blanc isn't even in the episode. If anyone wishes to verify that I'm telling the truth, go to and type in Jack Benny. You can download scanned copies of the actual scripts from all of Jack's television and most of his radio shows for the 15 years that he advertised Lucky Strike.

Secondly, to the best of my knowledge, the only version of the Christmas shopping episode that is available to the public is the last version, filmed around 1960 (I don't have the script for that one). I do have a script for a television Christmas shopping program from 1957, and while there are many similarities, it is not the one that is readily available. Unfortunate, because I'd love to see it. Incidentally, I believe I have seen a brief clip of it on Eddie Carroll's website.
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