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  • When financial problems affect booking a band for the school dance, Matt and Eli create a fake band - The Dregs of Humanity. Things get sticky when Norman asks to interview the band for an article he has pitched to a local magazine.


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  • Matthew and Eli are on a committee that promised to produce a blockbuster for the senior prom. Boneheaded Eli writes the PIN number to the committee's bank account on the blackboard and someone steals all the funds. Matthew and Eli are now in a real bind. Thinking quickly (what else!), Matthew steals four skeletons from the biology lab and hastily dresses them as "Graves," "Bones," "Tombstone," and "Wolfgang," four hard-rock musicians with a ghouls-and-cemetery theme. When Norman comes to interview the band--named "Dregs of Humanity"--Matthew has hooked up speakers that warn Norman, in a booming voice, not to approach any closer: thus, nobody knows that their "band" is merely a quartet of skeletons in robes. Anyway, at prom night, Matthew has wired up the skeletons like so many marionettes and, manipulating their limbs, he makes the skeletons "play" the guitar and drums while various, previously recorded hard-rock hits play on a record in the background. Matthew has successfully pulled off his stunt. Now, it's Norman's move!

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