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Golf Gaffes
jhall-919-95316315 January 2018
Mike's (Merry Anders) boss Mr. Cameron (Gavin Gordon) needs three young ladies to caddy for a charity golf event at his club- the Glenmere Country Club. When he explains there will be many eligible bachelors there who are known to marry the lovely young caddies, they consent. At the club, Loco (Barbara Eden) spots millionaire Harry Davenport (Marshall Thompson, "Daktari") having his engagement broken off by his fiancee Lucinda (Carol Ohmart, "House on Haunted Hill"). The ladies are excited when Mr. Davenport wins a bid for all three of them, but find the Mr. Davenport is Harry's 78-year-old father (Donald Foster). He introduces the ladies to Harry. Lucinda overhears Mike tell how much she likes Harry. The ladies are concerned they'll look bad not knowing the game of golf, and Lucinda deliberately teaches them in a manner in which they will look bad. (It plays very much like "I Love Lucy"'s "The Golf Game".) Loco wrecks havoc on a golf cart in a Three Stooges manner. In the tournament, Harry is matched up with golf pro Charlie Albright (television commentator Tom Duggan). Mike conspires to help Harry win by having Loco "do everything she can to help Charlie Albright win." When a romance blooms with Harry, it may not be with who is expected.
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