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Tongue tied
xredgarnetx4 September 2006
Veteran actor Michael "Caddyshack" O'Keefe plays a tongue-tied journalist who speaks firmly but nonsensically, and House and the gang must find a way to decipher his upside-down utterings before the poor guy buys the farm. O'Keefe is terrific in the role of a man who is harboring a deep, dark and very sad secret that may hold the key to his recovery. Erica Gimpel has a nice moment as O'Keefe's distraught wife when she learns his secret. This gimmicky episode has House aiding his team via cell phone as he prepares to return from a trip to Baltimore, with Stacy at his side. It works pretty well, especially with the very realistic premise that has them trapped in the airport due to bad weather. In one supremely arch moment, House is seen writing up his usual diagnostic scribbles on an airport wall while Stacy lies on the floor behind him, snoozing away. This occurs just moments after they have begun to settle down for the night in a hotel room Stacy had the forethought to reserve in case of just such a delay.
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Continuity Error
HorrorFlikChik1324 February 2007
In the airport, there is an instance where a shot pans on House and Stacy sitting side by side. Then, it cuts to a frontal view of Stacy. In the first shot (the one that pans), Stacy has a pencil in her mouth. A fraction of a second later, when the shot cuts to the frontal view, the pencil is behind Stacy's ear. This is a rare editing mistake on this show!

Still, a wonderful show, and a great episode. It proves that House is House, and that nothing stops him from working his magic. Once again, genius; another medical mystery that is no match for House, and another demonstration of his mantra: "Everybody lies."
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Stranded House
james_corck312 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you saw The Terminal, you have 50% of the chapter made. The prove that Super House can save the day even not being in the office. With Foreman in charge, is House the one who controls the situation. Investigating some more aspects of Greg's relationship with Stacy is a good part of the episode, without being too "sweet" or "cute" about their about-to-stop-being-so bitter sweet relationship.

Worth mentioning, interesting case the one of the man who can't say what he thinks. Sometimes we are like that too. Maybe the director chosen is not the correct one, so all the quality falls in the actors. But is a good chapter, what the hell.
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