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found this epi cute...
Warning: Spoilers
Paris, never been but can imagine...maybe someday, as even when they say in the commentary that its cold, well still want to see. The flashes to the past, even though the Canadian shoots do as well as they can Paris has that extra rich history. This cute because well, Richie and that "art head" (shuddering, but to each their own) getting it there from the flee market, what must they think on the metro...he really thinks he is getting them something "great", and the cute meet of Tess for the 1st time, Love it!!!

Re meeting the cop from the day he first met Tess, almost feel for him, he does remember Mac after a bit, to only discover his friend/partner has betrayed not just him but everyone and to have his arm badly mangled...Interesting thing its the same Immortal from 12 yrs ago, just thought it was an interesting bit on the writers part to have the same cop almost run him down as he gets away from the other Immortal Kuyler for the moment and runs and jumps onto the boat with Tess.

Bragging about how many mortals he has killed, Kuyler no soul to threaten children, as Tess pointed out, Mac knew he would order his man/men to shoot, Mac did the only thing he could backed down. Mac also knew and pointed out that someone in the police is on Kuyler payroll. Also a bit interesting Kuyler as far as I can see never has told his men about his immortality.

Well Mac and Kuyler fight about the same time that the good cop, LeBurn was confronting his partner about being "dirty" after checking himself out of the hospital. LeBrun "finds" Kuyler, confronts Mac who looks like hes been home all evening/night, and Tess's "you wouldn't want me to lie would you" as an answer to his question/statement that he supposes that Mac was at home with her all evening/night.

Poor Richie, his "gift" was "accidentally" (or not ?) broken as she hated the "head" so might of been subconsciously not so accidental ???

Great epi full of humor, romance, and just enough action to make it fun watching
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