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It's hard to imagine a guy that clever being THAT stupid!
MartinHafer23 January 2014
When the episode begins, Duke and a red-shirt* are trailing Tony Alika. If you remember, in the last episode the Five-O folks got enough evidence to arrest him and the case seems pretty air-tight. While he's out on bail, the police are keeping track on him--hoping to get more evidence for the case. However, Alika is sick of being followed and has an important underhanded meeting, so he has a couple of his guys shoot out the tire on the plain clothes police car. The car crashes--killing the red-shirt and injuring Duke. However, a photographer, Stringer (Paul Williams) is nearby and gets not only picture of the accident but of Alika making a deal with a political boss. However, instead of taking this evidence to the police, Stringer is an idiot and decides to blackmail the guys!! Can you imagine anyone that dumb?! Yet, throughout the show Stringer also shows a lot of intelligence--and he did make for an interesting character. Plus, life is full of clever idiots!

So is the show worth seeing? Yes, it's quite good--especially for season 11. However, one thing is very perplexing. Alika is supposed to be out on bail and by the end of the show, they now have strong evidence he had someone murdered. So why does he show up in later episodes? Surely there was enough to merit keeping him in jail until the trial (especially since he kills someone while out on bail for another crime)?! I am confused...though, it IS a TV show and continuity isn't exactly something TV always takes care to do!
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