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Have Jade, Will Travel
zsenorsock20 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hey Boy gets a little more to do in this episode as his Uncle is robbed of his money and a precious jade chess set. Paladin goes after the thieves, in a trail that leads to Montana and a boarding house run by Mrs. Warren (Jeanette Nolan) and her hotty daughter Nancy (Lisa Gaye).

Kam Tong uses his extra screen time much better than he does in the episode "Hey Boy's Revenge". We learn more about his family and the fact he's a pretty decent chess player.

Dan Blocker makes a fine villain, while Corey Allen shows as Chuck Anderson why he gave up acting and turned to directing. He's no Patrick Wayne, but he's close.

At one point in the episode, Nancy takes Paladin's hidden derringer out of his gun belt and hides it for him in a bread basket. However, she has no way of knowing the derringer was there in the first place--unless her walk in the moonlight with Paladin got more frisky than we are lead to believe.

Once Paladin does get the derringer, he makes a pretty amazing shot with it, killing a man way across two rooms--not easy with a weapon designed for short range use. But hey, he's Paladin, right?
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