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Digitally compressed testosterone.
Sanpaco1328 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Inga Fossa is to Harsh Realm what Deep Throat was to X-Files. The character, masterfully played by Sarah-Jane Redmond (Lucy Butler to Millennium fans) is a mysterious lady. We saw her in the previous episode in the real world telling Sophie that Hobbes is still alive. We then see her again in Harsh Realm as one of Santiago's leading ladies. It is not quite certain who she is working for although it appears, and we want to believe, that she is on the side of our heroes. Sophie follows Inga one day believing that she knows more than she is telling and to make sure she is going to deliver a message to Hobbes. We learn here that Inga, like Santiago, also has a way to enter and leave Harsh Realm as she pleases. Most likely the same portal is used by both. Meanwhile, Hobbes and Pinnocchio have decided to find this portal which is to them only a rumor by breaking into Santiago's headquarters. Hobbes is able to find this room however, he is convinced by Inga Fossa to stay and finish his mission of destroying Santiago. Inga's motives are not clear at all. She is mysterious indeed. It is not even clear whether or not Hobbes would have been able to escape if he had chosen to due to a special security clearance needed to use the portal. There was a lot of story being setup in this episode that could have been of X-Files caliber and I'm sad we never got to find it out. One part of this episode had some potential for coolness but in the end disappointed me. This is the zip fights. The cages they kept the zip fighters in were out of control when they were inside them as if there were rabid wild animals inside yet when they finally come out to actually fight they don't do anything. I've seen fights after school with more testosterone than that. 9 out of 10.
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