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Shadows indeed
MissClassicTV20 July 2016
This episode starts off well but descends into gloom quickly. Harry arrives home from shopping one day to find his front door locked and a woman in his home. Marilyn has escaped from Los Robles Sanitarium. She protests that she's sane and was committed against her will, but she gets picked up and is sent back there. Harry feels guilty about it so he checks it out with her family and with her doctor. Harry proposes getting temporarily committed to the hospital so that he can talk to Marilyn. However, once inside, Harry can't get out.

The acting is good. Diana Ewing shows quite a bit of vulnerability and sweetness as Marilyn. Harry's first interaction with her, when he finds her trespassing in his home, is gentle. She's heartbreakingly, desperately alone and afraid. "Won't you just take me on faith?" she asks hopefully, when Harry asks her name. Though seemingly gruff, Harry is compassionate, caring, and soft-spoken. This is a unique episode, albeit the writing is very downbeat. There's a pervasive feeling of sadness throughout.
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