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Dog Day Afternoon
MissClassicTV31 March 2016
Using pretty much the same premise as Dog Day Afternoon, this hour of Harry O is pretty entertaining. All the essential elements are there. Instead of a bank robbery gone wrong, it's a liquor store robbery. Instead of needing money for an operation, the burglar needs the money for his girlfriend to get into a detox program. There's a hostage situation with a cop who's been shot and needs a doctor. A team tries to bust in through the back door. Media is camped out front broadcasting the situation live.

The burglar (actor John Rubinstein) exchanges two of the hostages for Lt. Trench, so Trench is inside the store negotiating with the burglar while Harry's on the outside doing all the legwork. Harry spends most of his time looking for the burglar's junkie girlfriend. But the bad guys are looking for her too. Harry's got two hours to find her or Trench dies.
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