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You can't live your children's life.
withersa20 September 2006
Louise Latham usually plays the part of a dissatisfied woman. Either with her husband or as in this case her own life. She often feels sorry for herself. Here she is trying to live her life through her children in a very overbearing way. She wants each one of them to be wealthy as she never was. The only way she can do this is to try to match her daughter up with a boy from a wealthy family. This doesn't work because that is not what she wants for herself. Her son has seen what his Mother does & he has pulled away from her to some extent. It is hard for the girl to do her Mother that way even though she wants to rule her own life. Louise has not lived her life like she wanted. Somewhere back down the way, she wanted a young man that was from a wealthy family and that did not work out & she has let it eat at her all of her life. The son seemed like he was very sad she was this way, but I wished they had explained more about his feelings in the story. His part did not have a very defined story line.
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The ending is as sad as it gets.
kfo94947 February 2013
In this rather simple plot we have a woman, Joan Shepard (Louise Latham) that has two young adults that want to live her life through them. She has already distance her son with her hateful words. Now she is after her daughter, Anna May, and wants her to pick a husband that she wished she had picked in her younger days.

Anna May is being courted by Newly but her mother does not think he is good enough and wants her to marry Steven Rogers which has just came back from a school back east and set to take over his father's business. Joan sees her daughter marrying into money and do all the things she wished she had done in her life. Then we get to see the psychotic side of Joan Shepard as she tries to eliminate all suitors thinking she knows what is best for her daughter.

The ending is not a pleasant one. It is a sad reminder that even our own family members may need help and sometimes we really do not know the right remedy to give. A melancholy show where the viewer cannot do anything else but watch till the end.
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A disturbing episode with a valuable moral lesson
kenstallings-6534630 June 2018
This episode doesn't end well.

In fact, from the start to the finish, it is a disturbing episode, dealing with a widow mother's psychosis. She married her husband in a void of unhappiness lamenting a dream unfulfilled. Obsessed about her own supposed missed opportunity, she dominates her two children's lives until she chases her son away, and then ultimately tries the same overbearing, and often unprincipled manipulations, of her younger daughter.

The ultimate moral lesson presented is that if a mother destroys the dreams of her children, for whatever reason, the pain never subsides, and the parent is often left alone and distraught.

It was a painful lesson to watch in fictional drama, but the message was delivered in a starkly honest method. There was no happy ending in this episode. The ending was bitter.

While her daughter isn't driven completely away, the mother's ongoing efforts to manipulate the daughter's life continues unabated, despite the painful moral lessons that should have been learned from the previous destructive actions.

We are left in the final scene presenting a son filled with angst, torn between wanting to support his mother, but also knowing he needs to keep proper distance so that he can pursue his own dreams, as well as his knowledge that he must help prevent his mother from harming his sister's life in the same way his mother harmed his own.

This is another Gunsmoke episode unafraid to tell a stark story, presenting in realistic tones the negative outcomes of manipulation, especially manipulation of those you love the most.
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My mother the snob
martinxperry-1486820 June 2018
This is a horridly slow episode. Well acted but an hour devoted to watching a wanabe socalite mother manipulate everyone she encounters is a bit much. This one drags on as she tries every trick in the book to get her way is just too much. Aside from Newlie being set up to take the fall for in one of the snbish mothers manipulations, the rest or the regulars are on vacation. This is just seems to drag on and on watching a failed socalite mom fail at everything she touches. The ending is frustrating.
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