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An interesting story made uninteresting by writers.
kfo949416 August 2012
Jesse is a escaped convict has been hired by Dave Carpenter to cook on cattle drives with the checkered past. Jesse is a black person that the writers make out to be a peaceful meek person that was unjustly taken advantage of during his trial and conviction. It so happens that Festus, an old friend of Jesse, and Newly happen up on Jesse without knowledge of his escape.

Not long the meeting is interrupted by US Marshal Halstead that has papers for the arrest of Jesse for the escape. Jesse goes without a problem but Mr Carpenter is outraged to the point of getting Jesse back and sending him to Mexico in order to avoid the charges.

During an altercation, Marshal Halstead gets shot and ends up dead. Now Festus is torn between his friendship with Jesse and his duty as a deputy US marshal.

The conflict with Festus is an interesting plot with his loyalty to Jesse and his loyalty to justice. The story did get long as we are subjected to at least 20 minutes of a stand-off between lawmen and the cattlemen with little if any action. Thus making the Festus conflict less interesting than could have been.
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