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  • A man arrested by Bill and Ralph is released from prison and vows vengeance upon the two men. The normally unperturbed Maxwell is scared out of his wits by the threats.


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  • Johnny Sanova (Michael Baseleon) discusses his insanity plea with the parole board (indirect refence to Ralph). Meanwhile, Ralph (William Katt) lands on the roof of the play-right toy company and looks around. He takes a board game from a closet and puts it on the desk of the director of development, asking for a closer look. On his way back, he foils a bank robbery and calls Bill (Robert Culp) in. Across town, Ralph meets Pam (Connie Sellecca) late at a luncheon, and learns he has to deliver a speech.

    Back at school, Duffy (James Costy), the janitor breaks the news that his game was approved and Ralph cheers. Duffy's success motivates the rest of the school staff, and they begin to makes aggressive moves. Ralph is flustered. Johnny gets his release and vows vengeance on Ralph. He watches Ralph, and his flunkies think he's crazy. Bill wants Ralph to protect him, but Ralph is trying to help his friends.

    Ralph sees his friend getting cheated on at cards, and takes off to help him, skipping his speech. Bill covers the speech for Ralph, while Ralph busts up the fake card game. Johnny arrives and kidnaps Bill and Pam, and Ralph sees them and goes after them. He grabs the kidnapper van and then goes back to save his card-playing friend.

    Afterwards, Ralph consoles his teacher friends, and Johnny is back in the nut-house.

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