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  • The Goodies agree to help a London Zoo keeper find a specimen for the Monster House being opened by the Queen. Tim smells an OBE if they are successful as he and the rest of the team head for Scotland to catch the legendary Loch Ness monster. The boys manage to catch something, and after many challenges transport the beast back to London. Do they have the monster? or is the catch far more interesting

  • The boys go to Scotland to catch the Loch Ness Monster.


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  • While out cycling the boys come across a man attempting suicide. Stopping they attempt to render assistance before accidently pushing the man of the bridge. A collective decision is made to throw Bill in to help. Ultimately the man saves Bill.

    Back at Goodies HQ, the lads try to understand the reasons the man wanted to die. He explains he is the zoo keeper of the Monster House in London. Sadly there are no monsters to put in it

    On impulse Tim tells the keeper he will go and find a monster to put in the house. He is motivated by the possibility of a knighthood from the Queen

    Graeme decides the only monster they are likely to find is the Loch Ness Monster. As a consequence the Goodies head for the wilds of Scotland in search of the creature. Things get off to a poor start when Tim is attacked by a bagpipe spider.

    The weeks wear on and there are no sightings. Despondent the boys go to the Scottish Tourist board for help. There they are equipped with a Monster fishing permit, and are assigned a section of the lake amid various tv documentary expeditions, among other contraptions including diving suits and fish rod.

    Keen to try out their new equipment they head for the loch with new found enthusiasm. At first Tim seems to have luck when he hooks the creature. Bill and Graeme use their wet suits to explore the Loch; there they meet the owner of the Tourist center. Graeme begins to suspect a scam.

    Eventually the Goodies are successful and begin the arduous task of transporting their monster back to London zoo

    Reaching Goodie HQ they show the monster to the zoo keeper. The keeper begins to discuss mating the Loch Ness monster with its Russian equivalent when they suddenly hear a voice inside the creature. Investigations show it is the owner of the Scottish tourist shop. Distraught the Zoo keeper commits suicide.

    As he jumps an egg bought as a joke suddenly hatches revealing a baby Loch Ness monster


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