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  • Taylor agrees the museum is a bust. Lorelai meets to discuss selling the Dragonfly while Rory starts her new internship with Logan's father. Friday night dinner with the grandparents goes great for Logan and Rory while Lorelai, after begging to attend, gets the cold shoulder.


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  • The episode opens with Lorelai and Rory sitting silently on the phone with one another, each in their respective living rooms, watching Roomba vacuums maneuver around the floor. They agree that the activity is even more fun than watching the same TV show together over the phone.

    Paris enters the living room singing "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. Her good mood is due to her happiness over her relationship with Doyle, which Rory shares as she is also happy in her new relationship with Logan. Logan comes over to pick up Rory for a date, at which time the two of them discuss Logan's father, Mitchum Huntzberger, for whom Rory is about to begin interning at a newspaper called The Stamford Eagle-Gazette.

    In the next scene, Rory is in class. Her professor dismisses the class after embarrassing her about the stack of books on her desk, all of which happen to cover interests of Mitchum's. Lorelai calls Rory and Rory tells her about her upcoming internship. Lorelai has some misgivings about Mitchum's generosity toward Rory, but keeps quiet. Meanwhile, Luke goes to the Twickham house to confront Taylor about selling the property to him. The house is currently being used as a museum, but attendance is low and Luke feels that the house would be better suited for he and Lorelai. Later, Rory is at her weekly dinner with Richard and Emily, where she lets it slip that she had dinner with Logan and the rest of the Huntzbergers the week before. Richard and Emily immediately panic and begin planning a reciprocal dinner of their own. Rory calls Logan to explain that her grandparents want to have him for dinner right away and that he should expect an invitation soon.

    After Friday night dinner, Rory meets Lorelai at Luke's diner for dessert. Lorelai and Luke discuss the closing of the museum. Lorelai seems unhappy about the museum closing and doesn't know of Luke's plan to buy the house for the two of them. Luke feebly defends the historical society's decision to close the museum without giving away his plan. When Rory arrives, she tells Lorelai of Richard and Emily's plan to have Logan to dinner the following week. Lorelai acts nonchalant about it, but later wakes Rory in the middle of the night, telling Rory that she wants to come to dinner, too. Although Lorelai isn't fond of Logan, she's never told her daughter as much and is jealous at the thought of Richard and Emily knowing Logan better than she does.

    Monday morning, Rory begins her new internship assisting Mitchum at the newspaper's office. She appears excited about her new position, but cannot hide the fact that she is intimidated by Mitchum. Elsewhere, Lorelai calls Emily to tell her that she plans to attend the upcoming Friday night dinner, but Emily isn't easily fooled. She tells Lorelai that she cannot expect to attend this dinner just because Logan is coming. Emily delivers an ultimatum: Lorelai must not come to dinner on Friday unless she plans to come to every Friday dinner for the foreseeable future.

    Back at the news office, Rory is having trouble relaxing around Mitchum. She calls Logan for advice, whereupon he tells her a little about his father's work habits to help her connect with the man. Lorelai is at the diner with Luke when Richard calls her to tell her that a real estate group is interested in buying the Dragonfly Inn. Though Lorelai has no plans to sell the inn, Lorelai and Luke agree that it would not be harmful to meet with the group and discuss her options.

    At Friday night dinner, Richard and Emily can't contain their excitement at the coupling of Rory and Logan. Their heavy-handed hints about marriage infuriate Lorelai, as does Logan's less than model behavior. However, Richard and Emily don't notice Logan's inappropriate actions and can't understand why Lorelai isn't thrilled about Rory and Logan dating, leading to an argument between Lorelai and her parents after the young couple have left.

    The episode's final scene takes place at Sookie's house, where Lorelai and Sookie discuss the inn and their business options. Both are momentarily excited at the thought of selling the inn or being hired into a large company that would allow them to travel all over the world and consult other hotels. Sookie sheds a more realistic light on the situation, saying that she couldn't possibly be away from Stars Hollow with a husband and a baby, and with a second on the way. However, she encourages Lorelai to do whatever she wants, saying that she is unencumbered by such issues. Lorelai is visibly upset at being seen this way, obviously thinking of Luke and Rory.

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