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xredgarnetx3 February 2007
LOST BOYS is exactly what it sounds like: Melinda comes to the aid of a group of little boys, killed in an orphanage fire, who have been waiting for the return of one of their playmates, who may have escaped the fire. Melinda plays Wendy to their collective Peter Pan. The leader of the group is in fact the Peter Pan surrogate: He has no wish to move on and grow up, as it were. Meanwhile, a developer is intent on tearing down the old structure and replacing it with condos, which will leave the boys with no place to play hide and seek. The resolution contains a great twist, one that few will see coming. Many will recognize Bruce Weitz from HILL STREET BLUES as the developer. This continues a tradition of what I choose to call stunt casting in many of the episodes. They employ an actor or actress who is familiar from the movies or past TV shows.
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