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Little Shop of Horrors
zsenorsock9 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Algernon DeGrasse (John Van Dreelen) runs a plant nursery that is a front for a KAOS operation. Max is sent in to work undercover as a handyman and find out how DeGrasse is using the shop to spy on top Washington power brokers after the previous CONTROL undercover operative is eaten by a Brazilian plant that bears a strong resemblance to the one from "Little Shop of Horrors".

The funniest stuff in this episode are the exchanges between Larabee and the Chief. Given more and more to do in this final season after literally being the "take them away, Larabee" guy, Robert Karvalas comes through with flying colors as he frustrates the Chief by being even dumber than Max. Unfortunately neither Adams nor Feldon get as inspired material to work with.

In addition, Adams sure-handed direction seems to go south on him. During the opening sequence there is an endless sequence as Max tries to burn through a chain link fence using a propane torch (which he keeps lit in a briefcase!!!) and then he shoots a scene in the Chief's office where the master is shot from a high angle but all the close-ups are shot eye level. It comes off as pretentious and the effect is jarring to say the least, totally detracting from the comedy.
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The Great Vegetable Rebellion 2
StuOz14 February 2018
You know a cult 1960s series is running out of ideas when it does a show about plants coming to life!

Last week's "Smartacus" was bad enough but this week Get Smart mirrors what cult series - Lost In Space (1965-68) - ended with: plants that come to life! I can't stand "Larabee" and he is all over this episode! And what is with the crap high angle camera direction at the start in the Chief's office!

Season five has some knockout episodes (House Of Max and the one with Jonathan Harris) but "What's It All About, Don Adams?" might have been a better title for this near-the-end-of-series turkey.
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