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zsenorsock21 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A spoof of "Goldfinger" in name only, "Bronzefinger" has Max and 99 infiltrate an art gallery to try and discover who is the KAOS agent. Despite his lack of artistic skills, Max joins the staff as a touch up artist while 99 is a art gallery guide. They are ably assisted by Agent 13 who has a hilarious turn as "the man wearing helmet" painting. His scenes are probably the funniest in this episode. It turns out all the suspects were KAOS agents ready to sell out to CONTROL, but they are all killed by Bronzefinger, or Bronzethumb as Max calls him ("A thumb is a finger!" Bronzefinger protests). He has a particularly melodramatic fate planned for 99 & Max--having them killed by pouring a vat of bronze on them. There's some good moments in this, but also some lows, as when Max tries painting the Chief's portrait, making it all a bit uneven.
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