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I don't even have the guts to kill myself!
kapelusznik1818 August 2015
****SPOILERS**** Department store executive Vincent Tracy played by an almost unrecognizable Ronald "Dutch" Reagan has just about reached rock bottom as we see him about to jump off a bridge and kill himself at the start of the episode. He's lost everything due to his alcoholism that had him forced to dry out 27 times in rehab and now, with no positive results, feels that it's all over for him with nothing else but to do but do himself in and leave the past as well as his sorry life behind.

Scraping up a few cents, that he finds lying in the streets, and staggering into the nearest bar for just one last drink it suddenly hits him that all he has to do is stop, not an easy task for Vincent, and all his troubles will be over! We then see Vincent some six weeks later a new man and gainfully employed, as a furniture salesman, with a shave haircut and new set of clothes and ready to join society as well as his girlfriend Heddie, Geraldine Page, who gave him up for dead and start a new life together with her. The life that Vincent was to start was to help out fellow down and out alcoholics to see the light like he did and overcome their addiction. The first one he helped was Phil, Pernell Roberts, a down and out drunk that Vincent literately scrapes off the sidewalk and got to the emergency ward before the booze finished him off! It's then that Vincent got the idea of starting a place, called the Vincent Farms, in the country that would, with volunteers like himself, get people like Phil off the bottle and on the straight and narrows and back to sobriety.

One of Ronald Reagan's best acting job as the reformed alcoholic Vincent Tracy who after recovering for his acute alcoholism that was on the verge of killing him dedicated his life to help others with the same problems. It took a while for Phil to realize what Vincent was doing for him in just wanting to get back to the nearest bar or ginmill, after he's released from rehab, and get himself smashed. But with what Vincent was doing for him, free of charge, he soon saw the light and got back to his wife and son whom he left out in the cold and deserted for the bottle. Phil wasn't the only person that Vincent helped who together with Heddie and his the Vincent Farms Rehab Center was to help dozens of hopeless alcoholic to recover from their addiction to alcohol and like himself and Phil straighten out their lives for the better.
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