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  • Settled in Santa Barbara as an apprentice sail maker, Dr. Kimble falls for Karen, the niece of his boss. They become romantically involved. There's a lot that keeps him here. His boss likes him, Karen loves him, and even Karen's old flame likes him. The only one who resents his presence is Eric, another worker who was brought up by the boss since age 12. But Gerard and Kimble cross paths in Los Angeles, and while Kimble was able to elude him, he knows that Gerard is on his trail. He confides In Karen, and wonders whether he should keep running, or try to fool Gerard by staying in one place.

  • Kimble flees Los Angeles with a woman who loves him after checking out a lead on some one-armed man, but Lt. Gerard is right on their trail.


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  • Kimble gets a job in a coastal town in a sail-making firm. He develops a romantic attachment to a woman who works in this firm. A doctor in the town also has feelings for the woman, but senses her attraction to Kimble. Another worker at the firm dislikes Kimble and tries to persuade him to move on. Kimble hears of a one-armed man arrested down the coast and travels to the city to see if it might be the killer of his wife. Gerrard also travels to the city hearing about the one-armed man and narrowly misses catching Kimble when they both visit the lock-up. Kimble escapes back to the town but knows that Gerrard will be close behind. Kimble feels tired of running and decides to stay in town and avoid detection.

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