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The one Ben is born
Jessica Carvalho22 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is entirely in the hospital, with a lot of funny moments and confusions, like Carol having the baby,Rachel moving on Carol's obstetrician (Dr. Franzblau), Monica staying depressed that she doesn't have a baby, Ross,Phoebe and Susan staying locked in the janitor's closet of the hospital and Joey helping a pregnant lady that doesn't has anyone to make company and help her.

Ross, Susan and Carol finally agree in a name for the baby: he will be called Ben, a name that came up suddenly in Ross' mind.

Little Ben brings joy to all friends and they all love him.

Ps: In this episode, Monica and Chandler make a pact: if they reach their 40's without anyone special, they are going to be together to raise a family.
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The One With A Baby
Devashish Parnami6 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is such a good episode with so many hilarious incidents at the same place. Carel is finally ready to deliver the baby and all of them end up at the hospital, Monica is crying nonstop that is wants a baby too, Rachel goes to change so that she can flirt with the doctor who is helping Carel. Joey flirts with a single mom. Ross, Phoebe and Susen get locked in a cupboard.
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The One with the Birth
ComedyFan201011 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Finally the day comes when Ross's son is born. The tension between him and Susan gets worse so that Carol kicks them both out of the delivery room. They end up being locked in the storage room with Phoebe. Trying to get out makes them work together and also leads to them finally finding a name they both agree on. Phoebe's speech about how lucky this baby is to have parents who argue about who gets to love it more is very sweet as well

A fun part of this episode is Rachel trying to hit on a cute doctor. Unfortunately he just can't look at female parts anymore when he gets home. As it would be for Rachel, "if i see another cup of coffee.."
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The Baby Is Born
slightlymad2228 November 2014
A very mediocre episode as season one is heading towards its end.

Plot In A Paragraph: Carol has gone in to labour with Ross's baby, so all the gang (why??) rush to the hospital. As tensions run high between Ross and Susan, Joey befriends a soon to be single mother, Rachel flirts with a cute doctor and Monica freaks out at not having any kids yet.

Why would all of the friends go to the hospital when she is in labour?? (other than for obvious plot reasons of having the friends in one place) I found the whole Ross and Susan story annoying and frustrating. The Joey storyline was sweet And Chandler gives the first indication that he may have a thing for Monica when he suggest they make a pact and get together and have a kid at a certain age.
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Monica is going to kill Phoebe Buffay
Gerret Swearingen20 February 2013
In the end of this episode Phoebe makes a very inappropriate comment that I believe the writers should never have added to the script. I know they were going for funny but the look on Courtney Cox's Character Monica was like "OMG seriously how stupid of a bitch can you be" Once Ross told everybody that his son's name is Ben Phoebe with no regards to who she would offend said "Susan he looks just like you" The look on Monica and Ross's face was like total ANGER/ EMBARRASSMENT/ DISGUSTED. I never liked this ending of friends because of that comment. And Lisa Kudrow should never had said those lines. It was totally out of Phoebe Buffay character.
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