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  • Phoebe has trouble bonding with her half-brother Frank when he comes to visit. Joey attempts to build an entertainment center. Ross is challenged to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most.

  • When Joey starts working with his tool belt, Chandler admires his sexy macho air, but fears for his life from the tools in a child's hand. Phoebe's weird brother Frank Jr. visits, and demonstrates his hobby is melting whatever you let him get his hands on. Learning she's a masseuse, Frank eagerly asks to get a treatment, from a colleague- who isn't amused he assumed that's a euphemism for sex. At Central Perk, several friends make individual lists of five super hot celebrities, which may even be dated without being considered infidelity by the real-life partner. Ross's included Isabella Rosselini, but at Chandler's suggestion she's "international", hence too unavailable, he dropped her from the laminated draft; then she walks in the bar for real...


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  • Chandler enters his apartment and sees Joey working with some wood. Joey tells him that he's building an entertainment unit and that it is a one day job max, something Chandler highly doubts. Chandler then enters his bedroom and trips over the lower part of his door. Slightly embarrassed Joey admits that the "power saw got away from him". When Phoebe is waiting in front of Central Perk, Rachel joins her and we get to know that Phoebe is waiting for her little half-brother Frank Jr. Meanwhile inside the coffee house Chandler surprises his friends with the question if anyone else likes David Copperfield. He then tells Monica, Joey, Rachel and Ross that Janice likes him so much she put him on her "freebie" list meaning celebrities she's allowed to sleep with. Then the friends talk about which celebrities they'd put on their lists. Everyone answers immediately except for Ross who needs to do some "serious thinking" about it. Phoebe then enters the coffee house, introduces her little brother to her friends and talks about their plans for the weekend which include bonding and "picking up Ninja stars". Later at Joey and Chandler's apartment, Joey is drilling and almost hits Chandler's head who is shocked. He then tells Joey that he didn't want the entertainment unit anyway. Joey replies that he should have told him this before. They both leave the room through different doors. Joey then enters Monica's apartment to get a beer and tells Monica that her bathroom floor looks old and that he can re-tile it. But after realizing that every tile is glued down, he wants to give up. Monica who has now a hole in her bathroom floor is not very thrilled and tells him to fix it now. At Phoebe's apartment, she and Frank are a little bit bored and even try if they can roll their tongues. Phoebe realizes that they dont have much in common when Frank tells her he likes to melt stuff. At the coffee house Ross still thinks about the celebrities he's allowed to sleep with. When he tells Chandler who is already on his list he crosses out Isabella Rossellini because she's too international. Meanwhile back at Phoebe's apartment Frank melts stuff and Phoebe sees that they don't get along very well. She decides to go to bed because the fumes of the melting give her a headache. The next morning at Monica's apartment Phoebe and Monica have breakfast and talk about Phoebe's relationship with her half-brother. Monica tells her that it takes time to bond and that she and Ross used to fight all the time. Suddenly Chandler enters looking for Joey because he left varnish on the couch and Chandler sat in it. He then learns that Joey is re-tiling Monica's bathroom floor and wants him to come back and finish the entertainment unit. Later at Phoebe's apartment Frank and Phoebe haven't bonded yet when Phoebe gets a call from work. She tells Frank that she is a masseuse and that she has to go. Frank gets very excited and Phoebe asks him to come with her and get one himself. She says that she will get someone else to do it. Frank is very excited and it seems as if he doesn't believe that his sister is really a masseuse. Meanwhile back at Monica's apartment, Joey has re-tiled the bathroom floor when Ross comes in and shows them his "freebie" list which does not include Isabella Rossellini. He says that he made his choices and he even has laminated them. At Phoebe's work place Frank is pushed into her room by another masseuse who tells Phoebe that Frank has touched her butt. Frank asks very surprised why he isnt allowed to do that if he was having sex with her. Phoebe is shocked to hear that her brother thinks that she is a prostitute and is very disappointed that the weekend was just horrible. Frank then tells her that he liked the weekend because of the great talks and because they are one family. They end up talking for some time and Phoebe tells him that she likes this talk best about the weekend. This evening all friends gather at Joey and Chandler's apartment and try to lift up the entertainment unit. Joey then realizes that it is bigger than he thought it would, be and it blocks the bedroom doors and can't be pushed aside. The next day at the coffee house Isabella Rossellini walks in. Ross gets very excited and seems disappointed that he put her off the list. Rachel generously gives him permission to hit on her and Ross walks up to her. He asks her if he can buy her coffee and tells her that she's on his list with celebrities he's allowed to sleep with. But when Isabella wants to see it she realizes that she's actually not on the list and tells Ross that she has a list of goofy coffee house guys and that she just bumped him for another guy. Joey tells Chandler that he bets that he can fit in the entertainment unit. When he actually does fit Chandler blocks the door and walks away with a satisfied smile.

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