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With Or Without You!!!
Sudhir Jena2 August 2006
One of the best TV series in contemporary times. The story of six friends in New York who deal with their own struggle to earn a living, to be famous,to be married and to be loved. Each character had it's own individuality, but shone in the company of others.Central Perk, the place where it all starts and ends, Phoebe's "Smelly Cats",Joey's "How u doing", Dr. Ross's "dinosaurs", Chandler's "funny" lines, Monica's obsession with cleanliness and Rachel's everything. Six friends who fall in love, breakup, have parents to deal with, want to be independent in life, celebrate thanksgiving together and get married to people they love. No one can ever forget the nuances that binds their lives. It's the timing that is remarkable. From Paul the wine guy, the chick and the duck, Rachel's sisters, Ross and Monica's parents, Chandler's father, Gunther, bosses and colleagues, cousins, parents and grandparents, agents and aunts,there's a friend in each one of us. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is about living those moments you share with the people around you and its about living your dreams. And despite everything the assurance that someone is saying that 'I'll be there for you'.
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Best comedy I ever watched
Gantulga Nanzad18 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Best comedy I ever watched! Looking forward to see next or new season. I hope that producers will make new season :-).

I've been watching in my tablet during last quarter. All episodes very good to have fun :-).

Gunther proposing to Rachel was genius! I find it great, and also because it was right before Ross.

We also get to see Joey's ass covered in red paint that left a stain on Monica's couch and Phoebe making it a musical

And the end of this part is also great because Ross finally decides that he doesn't want to get over Rachel and goes after her!

Thank you very muck producers. By the my fav. was Monica I'd like to have her made cookies KKK.

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A good watch for fans
Warning: Spoilers
"Friends: The One with All the Other Ones" is a television special that came out pretty much exactly when the long-running show ended over 10 years ago. It is not 22 minutes long as stated on the title's IMDb page, but actually runs for roughly 40 minutes and it is basically a best-of. There are a couple very short interviews at the end where the actors say a sentence or two about the end of the show and what it means for them, but everything before it is just scenes from the series. I believe it's a good recollection of memorable moments and fans of the show can definitely watch it. Sometimes I found it funny, sometimes I found it just failed attempts at being funny. Same goes for the drama. Sometimes it felt good and authentic, sometimes not so much. In any case, it did not get me in the mood of starting to watch that show at some point. Yet it wasn't all bad. I guess I give it a thumbs-up, but just a small one. My suggestion would be to watch Lisa Kudrow"s brilliant "The Comeback" instead.
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