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It wasn't planned, but this was a great way to end the series
Twins6526 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Kind of shocked there aren't any user reviews of what ultimately turned out to be the last episode of the greatest "one-season" show in TV history. I guess I'll just have to crank one out.

I caught it again last night on The Sundance Channel, and it pretty much encapsulates all of which was great about this show (i.e. excellent period re-creation, and cringe-worthy laugh out-loud dialog set to a great soundtrack).

The geeks hold their famous Dungeons & Dragons game, and somehow rope James Franco (as the coolest freak Daniel) who they met in the A/V club where Dan was serving detention, to show up. Amazingly, Daniel seems to have fun bonding with the geeks and tells them so, even though they're nursing Faygo soda as the night's drink of choice. The geeks take this as a plus, and they just might be getting a teeny bit cooler (in their minds, anyway).

Meanwhile, Jason Segel as Nick has quit smokin' weed, and has hooked up with a new babe (Lizzy Caplan's Sara) but still pines for Lindsay. Sara has got him entering a dance contest at the local bowling alley/disco club, which fortunately was a short-lived phenomenon of early-80's suburbia. Even though Nick can't come close to competing with a disco dancing magician, he gives it his best shot in a dance which gets more painful each time I view it. Of course, Seth Rogen as Ken (sporting some bitchin' sideburns he seemed to have copped from Springsteen's "The River" album cover) shows up to heckle all that was disco, including Joel Hodgson reprising his role as the smarmy mall store manager, now moonlighting and spinning Gloria Gaynor records.

Finally, Linda Cardellini as Lindsay has duped her parents into thinking she's heading to an academic summit in Ann Arbor when summer starts, when in fact she gets off the bus at the Univ. of Mich. terminal and quickly hops into a late 60's VW van, heading out on The Golden Road to follow The Grateful Dead on tour with Kim and another couple, all to the calming tones of Jerry G. crooning Ripple off "American Beauty". It was enough to get a cynical, middle-aged guy a small lump in his throat.
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Bittersweet, but wholly appropriate ending
Mr-Fusion16 January 2018
I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, but part of me feels like I missed out on something - especially after seeing the Geeks' revelry. Maybe it's because there's some kind of catharsis in their joy (over *something*) after putting up with high school.

This is ultimately about finding one's own niche. Some of us take up a dying dance craze to forget an old flame (with the help of the enchanting Lizzy Caplan). Others opt for a different path when the burden of academia becomes too confining (or in this case, hop on a bus). And then there's Daniel, the wayward teenager who's found his way into a bit of D&D with the high school outcasts. Maybe there's no such a gulf between cultures after all.

Every time I watch "Freaks and Geeks", there's an unshakable sadness when I get to 'Discos and Dragons'. It marks the end of a series that was mercilessly cut short. And yet, there's a bright ray of sunshine at the end of this journey. Truth is, I don't think I could ask for a better finale. It's poignant, rewarding and serves as an ideal ellipsis for this show; it's over, but the doors are still open for these characters.

If it has to end, at least it's a blissful one.

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Discos and Dragons (#1.18)
ComedyFan201021 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Nick turns to disco which upsets Ken. Daniel is put into AV as punishment but ends up enjoying his time with geeks playing dungeons and dragons. Lindsay gets into 1% and needs to go to academic summit for the summer but instead she lies to her parents and goes away with Kelly.

So this is the end of the season and an unplanned ending of the show. Somehow it makes me sad. It is not one of the most spectacular episodes of the show. There are no moments that are as memorable as the ones from other episodes. There are no amazing Bill moments and we don't even get to see Millie. It doesn't just make me sad because this is the end but because freaks seem to be falling apart. Daniel joined geeks, Nick separated for disco just Kelly and Lindsay went away together which in a way leaves Ken alone.
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