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One of the best episodes in the entire series
blanche-220 April 2008
Admittedly the final years of Frasier weren't overall as stellar as its first seasons, but "Frasier: The Doctor is Out" in season 11 is an example of the brilliant writing the show was still capable of. Patrick Stewart is hilarious as a gay, egomaniacal opera director who assumes Frasier is gay after he is outed by a fan on the radio. Frasier, on the trail of Roz's new boyfriend, walks into "Bad Billy's" bar wearing shorts too small for him because his own shorts split while he was playing squash. The bartender is someone he knows - "I guess you're surprised to see me in here," Frasier says, which is followed by a moment of silence before the bartender says, "Okay." Frasier then finds himself one-half of one of Seattle's "power couples" in a side - or should I say shorts - splitting episode. Borrowing from "Some Like It Hot," this is one not to be missed.
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Best episode ever!
ltieri7 June 2012
So much happens in this episode it so hard to believe that it is only one episode. Patrick Stewart plays the role of Alastair to delightful perfection.

I have watched it over and over and laugh just as hard each time. It is far and away my favorite episode, of any show ever aired! The writing is excellent, the timing is flawless, the laughs are non-stop from beginning to end.

It's hard to pick a favorite line, because there are too many candidates, but if push came to shove I'd have to say my personal favorite has to be when Gill says "I see Kitty has claws!" I will say this line to my husband every now and then, and it cracks him up completely each time!
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The gayest Frasier episode...by far!
MartinHafer6 June 2018
This episode of "Frasier" is one of the funniest of the series--which says a lot considering that the show was on many years and had many wonderful episodes. The story begins with Roz dating yet another man. But when Frasier meets him, he assumes the guy is gay...which seems pretty funny considering how stereotypically gay many of Frasier's actions are on the show. When he later sees this boyfriend and thinks he's gone into a gay bar, Frasier follows....and soon folks about Seattle think Frasier is gay and that's why he went into the establishment. One of the folks who now assumes Frasier is gay is Alistair Burke (Patrick Stewart) and instead of correcting Alistair's assumption, Frasier pretends to be gay. Why? Because Alistair is well connected in society and with the opera...and Frasier leads on the poor guy in order to advance himself with Alistair's friends!

The writing was extremely clever in this one. However, if worked especially well because Patrick Stewart's acting was exceptional and it was nice to see how well he could do comedy. Well worth seeing and quite interesting to see Frasier being a wicked tease!
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