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  • Nick and Tracy track down a murderer who is the reincarnation of a seductress vampire Nick knew long ago.


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  • Hypnotic regression brings Frank (Maurice Dean Wint) into the life of a vampire. Their purpose is to help him not bring out past lives. In his therapy, Frank is Francesca in 1755, who knows who her killer is. Dr. Lisa Kadlec (Brooke Johnson) comes to the police to let them know that Franks gender confusion will drive him to cross over from man to woman. Finding an unusual death in a restaurant, throat slit with a kiss upon the forehead, is the murderer's sexual repression identity.

    In a memory from Knights (Geraint Wyn Davies) past, he and LaCroix visit Francesca (Maria Syrgiannis), recalling her similar path of feeding. Relating Francesa introduction to drinking blood instead of feeding to Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), Knight shares the blood isnt just for feeding, they know the whole life of the person, their desires, their thoughts.

    Discovering her lair of feeding prisoners, Francesca tries to stop Nicholas as he releases them. Dr. Kadlec is taken by Frank/Francesca who wants to kill her for informing the police and in a similar confrontation, Knight arrives in time to save her and kills her again. There will be another time.

    Then Francesca is truly immortal, even goes beyond the rules of the vampire world, the Nightcrawler/LaCroix theorizes.

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