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Jeweled Lobster
Michelle Palmer27 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sounds like some kind of fancy dinner or something, but really it's no more than a lobster wearing an expensive bracelet. When a rich woman is feeding Flipper, her bracelet slips off. Flipper sees the lobster wearing the bracelet but cannot catch up with him. Unfortunately, after hours of searching Flipper is accused of swallowing the thing and there's only one way to get to the bracelet at this point...

Bud, of course, is upset. Flipper's penned up, but Flipper is determined that he will find this jewel.

This was a very entertaining episode, but I'm not sure how realistic it is to find a lobster in the whole ocean after loosing him many hours before. But with a few of his animal friends' help, I guess nothing is impossible!
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Can dolphins talk to pelicans and turtles?
wrxsti545 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you are Flipper you can! This episode is one where the scriptwriters' imaginations went wild. A wealthy New York socialite decides to come down from Miami to the Keys in her beautiful yacht with her fancy lawyer in tow. While feeding Flipper sardines, her priceless diamond and emerald studded bracelet falls in the water and gets lodged on a lobster who scuttles off avoiding Flipper who Sandy sends down to retrieve the expensive jewelry. The boys skin dive and then Porter joins them and all three scuba dive searching for the lost gems and find nothing.

The lawyer gets pretty aggressive over the lost jewels and gets a court order impounding Flipper to the Ricks' pen until a vet can effectively open him up on the premise he must've swallowed the bracelet. There is a poignant moment when Sandy stands by the pen gate ushering Flipper in - reminiscent of the exact same scene shot 4 years earlier when Sandy first met Flipper when Luke Halpin was a significantly smaller 15 year old.

It wouldn't be Season 3 without a Bud screw up albeit well intentioned. Bud releases Flipper to find the bracelet. This is where things get a bit screwy as Flipper somehow can not only tell other dolphins to search for the jewel-bedecked lobster but also Pete the pelican (who in turn tells other pelicans and birds) and a turtle! It's scenes like this that remind you that Flipper was primarily a children's show.

Bracelet and owner are reunited just at the moment Bud looks to be in real trouble because of breaching the court order. The socialite really needs to keep the bracelet away from water or tighten it because she loses it into water yet again as she feeds Flipper his reward. As an indication of how natural Tommy Norden and Luke Halpin were as actors, their brief eye rolling at this latest loss is precisely what you'd expect from teenage brothers.
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