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Another underwater fight scene
wrxsti5428 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode features another inventive plot line and again stars the beautiful Ulla Stromsted - this time she's the victim of an industrial spy heisting a sonar device Ulla was asked to trial. Boy she sure is a magnet for crooks! A cool sub plot is Bud's underwater museum that he has devoted considerable time and effort to and is popular with the local kids his age. Unfortunately Bud is an unwitting dupe in the spy's attempted escape from Porter and Sandy's search.

The spy hides the sonar in the pocket of one of the underwater manikin's jacket midway though Bud's tour. Flipper is onto the spy ... as always. First he nose-butts him in the stomach preventing him from retrieving the hidden item he stole and then he guides Bud back to the museum right at the time the crook returns for the second removal attempt. A brief underwater struggle ensues between him and Bud but Flipper is ever present to protect.

Porter and Sandy return to the site where Bud's museum begins after alerting the local police just in time for the crook to surface with the stolen sonar in hand and is in custody after a brief struggle with Porter.

There had to be something mischievous that Bud did and sure enough, he put one of Porter's sports jackets on one of his underwater characters without permission. Said coat shrinks in the salt water so its almost the right size for Bud to wear and for his trouble Porter 'fines' him the entire takings from the museum: $9.50 which in 1965 is a pretty good income for an afternoon of diving with kids (2014 equivalent would be $75!).
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Bud's Underwater adventure
Michelle Palmer20 November 2012
The best part of the episode is Bud's underwater adventure. He made statues of people wearing clothes, gold chests, and many other things that will excite every child that goes under the water to explore. His father gives Bud his blessing, I'm sure because it will probably keep Bud out of trouble.

Meanwhile, a spy steals some contraption that is highly confidential. He poses an interesting plan to get away with it. Unfortunate for Bud, it includes him in the plan! And poor Flipper is pretty much ignored. Even though he knew what was going on from the beginning and at every step, he got no credit for knowing - except from the audience.
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