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Bud's fantasy
wrxsti5424 November 2014
This was a kind of a weird episode. Sandy and Bud are out on the dock and next thing Bud sees a replica sailing ship called the Bounty and Sandy doesn't believe him accusing him of 'identifying' until he too sees it though the binoculars. They tell Porter and they race out in the launch. This episode features the launch racing across pretty rough waters to the point where it is almost jumping out of the water.

They meet the captain who explains they are on a global tour before docking permanently in St Petersburg, FL. Bud wants to go on board but the captain declines citing ongoing renovation work on board. Porter takes the captain and two crew ashore to get supplies.

Meanwhile inquisitiveness gets the better of Bud and he gets Flipper to tow him out to the Bounty and he climbs aboard. After finding the Commander's cabin Bud falls asleep in a chair with a replica Captain Bligh hat on and dreams of adventures aboard. Meanwhile the captain returns and sets sail for the Canary Islands and Bud realizes he's trapped in the cabin and he breaks a window and sends Flipper to help.

Porter and Sand race to the Bounty and rescue Bud but he still persists in fantasizing on the way home thinking Ulla's mini sub is the Nautilus! Porter and Sandy say they'll have to monitor the books he reads!
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Odd episode
Michelle Palmer17 November 2012
This was a pretty odd episode. Porter and Sandy are used to Bud's imaginations, so when he told them he saw the Bounty ship, they just assumed he was imagining. But they saw it too. The met the captain of the ship, a nice man who said he had made a replica of the infamous Bounty.

Bud sneaks onto this ship, falls asleep, and dreams that he's fighting pirates or something...then he gets left on the ship without anyone's knowledge.

I watched this last night and already have forgotten some of the details because it just didn't really appeal to me. It's good for kids who likes stories of pirate ships though.
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Flipper and The Bounty
mykolh4 November 2007
When I was 11 years old, my parents took me to see The Bounty, a magnificent reproduction of Captain Bligh's ship. It was in St. Petersburg, Florida.

When we got to the ship, the Flipper film crew was there with one of the Flipper dolphins. Also, Tommy Norden (Bud) was there. He was standing on black asphalt in his bare feet, and posing for pictures with girls. He kept pouring cold soda from a soda bottle on the ground, and standing in it to keep his feet cool. He looked older to me then, but I don't know his age.

In the TV show, the lower left rear window pane of the Bounty gets broken for some reason, but I don't remember why.

At 11 years old, Flipper and Bud were the first television stars I ever saw.
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