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The things desperate people will do
wrxsti5419 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
They'll steal a pet dolphin and sell it. The thief in question (Dory Stone) sees Sandy and Bud swimming and playing with Flipper and that he comes when the horn is pushed and sets about to steal Flipper. He uses food and the stolen horn to lure Flipper out to open sea before capturing him and putting him in his pen.

The boys are so frantic when Flipper goes missing they think Porter gave him away because they were naughty. Another Park Ranger alerts Porter to Dory Stone's advertisement to sell a dolphin but getting Flipper back is tricky. He was found in the open ocean and when the Constable comes, all the paperwork he asks for is in order and it looks as if the buyer can take Flipper and Dory will make $500. Sandy follows Dory's dog into his trailer where he finds the horn and in the argument that follows, Flipper escapes forcing Dory to refund the money when the circus owner wants no part of it. After appearing in court over the stolen horn, Dory signs a statement that Flipper belongs to Sandy and Bud.

The youthful innocence of the boys is more evident in this very early episode and is manifest in various ways: how strict Porter is with the boys getting very agitated because of undone chores and a messy house; how Sandy plays more like a child than a teenager (featuring a scene of him riding Flipper like he did in the first movie filmed 2 years earlier); in Sandy getting very emotional when it looks like Flipper has been sold and the child-like glee Bud exhibits as he rides in the camper van alongside the now free Flipper. Some trivia: this is the only episode in the entire series where Sandy is seen wearing a pair of blue jeans not cut down to shorts.
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Dirty trick!
mitchrmp24 October 2012
Two boys play with their pet. Background music and beautiful scenes tell us the boys are having a wonderful time. A father comes home and yells at his kids for leaving the house a mess, then they all go inside. Little did they know a man was hiding behind the bush. He steals the horn used to call flipper. Then, loaded with a bucket-full of bait, this same man leads Flipper to his cage.

The focus of the story is on the boys' trying to get their dolphin back. Po gets involved, then gets the Constable hyped up about it.

The scenery as the boys are playing with Flipper is beautiful. Those are some of my favorite parts.
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Horning in on Flipper
wes-connors26 September 2007
Sandy (Luke Halpin) and Bud (Tommy Norden) are playing in the water with Flipper when Ricks (Brian Kelly) arrives; he orders his sons out of the water so they can perform neglected chores. Unbeknownst to the Ricks family, nasty fisherman Ken Drake (as Dorrie Stone) has been spying from some bushes. Mr. Drake is impressed with the tricks he has seen Flipper perform; he captures the dolphin, employing the "horn" he saw the boys using to call their pet. While the Ricks family wonder about their missing pet, Drake plans to sell the trapped Flipper to a traveling water circus - which he does, for $500.00. Will the Ricks family be able to recover their lost pet?

**** Dolphin for Sale (10/24/64) Leon Benson ~ Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden
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