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Both good stories
stones7825 March 2014
Although neither story had the "scare" element which I very much enjoy, both stories were well written and the acting performances were above par. Some of the faces include Michelle Lee, Diana Muldaur(bad hair day), Mabel King, and John Rubenstein. The stories were interesting, and not the same recycled plots we're used to seeing. One story has Nancy Weston(Lee)on the island trying to figure out why this little girl shows up in her photographs, even though she never took a picture of her. It turns out that she also sees visions of her son, who fell off a horse and died while being photographed by Nancy; credit to young Elizabeth Cheshire(Alison)for some solid acting. The other story revolves around poker, where Johnny Court(Rubenstein)wishes to become a champion; watch for a decent performance by King, who plays a poker dealer rather well. The man Johnny wishes to beat is a master champion, but the way he wins may surprise you, even if a little cheating is involved. I doubt either story will conjure many memories regarding this episode, but they both had good and interesting endings.
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