"Everybody Loves Raymond" The Apartment (TV Episode 1998) Poster

Ray Romano: Ray Barone



  • Ray Barone : Robert's my brother. I just want what's breast for him.

    Debra Barone : What?

    Ray Barone : Hmm?

    Debra Barone : You just said breast. I just want what's breast for him.

  • Ray Barone : Listen, nothing was going on, nothing. Nothing happened. Nothing would happen...

    Debra Barone : I know.

    Ray Barone : You do?

    Debra Barone : God, Ray, I mean, come on. I saw those women. Like you had a shot.

    Ray Barone : Okay, you're hurt, you're lashing out now.

    Debra Barone : Listen, all I want to know is why do you have to lie to me?

    Ray Barone : I don't have to, it's... just my way.

    Debra Barone : "Robert's touch and go, emotionally speaking." Why don't you just say, "I'm going over to Robert's to look at pretty girls"?

    Ray Barone : I got to be honest with you, it never occurred to me to say that.

    Debra Barone : Yeah, that's right, because I would have said no. And you would have to stop living vicariously through Robert.

    Ray Barone : That's right, vicariously. Vicariously, just looking. Not thinking, not moving, just thanking God for the blessing that is my beautiful wife while I hang pictures. Vicariously.

  • Robert Barone : Wait, Deb. Look, before you go, I was in there hiding, but really thinking about what Ray had said before. And believe it or not, there's actually some truth to it.

    Ray Barone : It's okay, Robert, it's over. It's *all* over.

    Robert Barone : No, I'm serious here. When I first moved in here, I was kind of depressed. I was away from my family, I lost my girlfriend. And then Ray came over and he kind of liked the place. And for once, I had something that he thought was something. And it made the whole place better.

    Ray Barone : For Robert.

    Robert Barone : That's true. You know, me and Raymond, we don't get to hang out together that much and it's been - it's been good.

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