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Carters my name..
The 8th episode was just great all around and set up a possible turning point in one of the main characters, in Dr. Bennet maybe becoming more human, and showed the frustrations between Doug and Hathaway still after a magical procedure.

What really stood out for me this episode is dr. Green. I noticed this in one of the early episodes back. He walked into the ER and placed a coffee down and then moments later Susan said I need a coffee to the man that sits at the front desk where green placed it. He then said he would get her one meanwhile green is getting on as if nothing is going on.

But this episode green shows up at the ER with a bottle of champagne and towards the end of the episode gives it to John Carter because during a scene he told Carter that the spinal fluid was to paraphrase if you get it on your first try the lumbar shot, the resident owes you a bottle of champagne. Oddly he did and oddly green had brought it in already and gives it to him before he caps the night off with Susan.

I think it has to do with how much in love he is in with susan. I think he bought it for her for her birthday which happened to be this day but at the end of the night it got ruined bc of family issues. So, my seasons favorite so far, john Carter joins her on the roof with the bottle of champagne to share it with Susan. It feels like in someway it stems from green! It has to because it was just amazing writing for such a thing and I LOVE when writers reward viewers that pay attention to this sort of thing.

Because of this very thing I have gained so much respect for ER in this episode. Because of the whole champagne in this episode and coffee in the beginning of the season. High reward for loyal viewing.
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9 1/2 Hours (#1.8)
ComedyFan20105 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Another good episode. ER once again touches important issues with the patient cases. There is a young raped woman who is not getting people to believe her. A very common story. And then something that seems less like a common story based on gender , a young man who is having an eating disorder. It is a great thing they made the patient male as they often struggle with accepting their situation even more.

And we get more doctor stories. Div Cvetic seems to having rage issues and one wonders if it will be growing in the future. We also see a conflict between Dr. Greene and his wife may come up soon. And we get to know more about Dr. Benton as he doesn't get his fellowship and seems to have trouble dealing with it. He had good scenes here, especially with his brother.

And it was a fun moment when Dr. Benton's mom wonders if Carter's people owned their people. Such a wonderful reaction by all actors, can feel the awkwardness.
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